Legal and Financial Information

The Foundation is committed to careful stewardship of the funds entrusted to it by all donors.

Accountability and Transparency Score 2013
For more details, please read our 2013 Financial Health, Accountability, and Transparency Ratings

Supporting documentation

  1. Federal Identification Number: 16-1756484
  2. 501(c)(3) status: IRS confirmation letter (pdf)
  3. Certificate of Incorporation: New York State – Division of Corporations (pdf)
  4. UN Global Compact Financial Reports:
    Activity Report 2013 (pdf)
    Financial Report 2012(pdf)
    Financial Report 2011(pdf)
    Financial Report 2010(pdf)
  5. Audited Financial Statements:
    Audited Financial Statement 2013(pdf)
    Audited Financial Statement 2012(pdf)
    Audited Financial Statement 2011(pdf)
  6. IRS Form 990:

The Foundation accepts donations from any donor (whether corporate, foundation or an individual) provided that acceptance of the donation would not threaten the integrity of the Foundation, the UN Global Compact Office or the initiative as a whole. In general, it is expected that contributors to the Foundation will be participants or other stakeholders of the Global Compact.

Whether contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible will depend on the tax laws of your country. In many countries, contributions to charities, like the Foundation, are tax deductible as a business expense for companies.

The Foundation exists to support the work of the UN Global Compact Office and related activities. It does not accept unsolicited funding proposals or requests for funding. Contributions are only used to fund important activities of the Global Compact Office, such as events, publications and studies aimed at raising awareness of the UN Global Compact, its principles and how to implement them. To maximize the benefit that flows from donations, administrative costs are kept to a minimum.

Please direct requests concerning financial information to