Funded Activities

In 2009, the Foundation provided financial support to the following events, resources and publications:


Fourth Meeting of the Global Compact Working Group on Anti-Corruption
February – New York

Participants addressed a wide range of issues, such as anti-corruption reporting, the challenge of supply chain corruption, media coverage, the link between corruption and responsible investment, and the integration of anti-corruption issues into business school curricula.

Third Working Conference of the CEO Water Mandate
March – Istanbul

The UN Global Compact in collaboration with the Pacific Institute organized this conference as a platform for endorsers of the Water Mandate to share practical experience and improve understanding of how companies can effectively engage in water policy to bring about significant policy change.

World Business Summit on Climate Change
May – Copenhagen

At the Summit – held in cooperation with the UN Global Compact and a five other organizations – chief executives put forward recommendations for the next international framework on climate change.

Annual Local Networks Forum
June – Istanbul

Largest ever Annual Networks Forum was held in Istanbul with representatives from 77 networks discussing their work to advance the Global Compact locally.

Global Compact Human Rights Working Group
June – Istanbul, October – Geneva

The working group provided strategic input to the Global Compact’s human rights work and helped define new areas of work that the Global Compact has a comparative advantage in advancing.

UN Leadership Forum on Climate Change
September – New York

The Forum convened business and civil society leaders with Government to convey support for a global climate agreement.

Fifth Meeting of the Global Compact Working Group on Anti-Corruption
November – Doha

Participants endorsed the Reporting Guidance on Anti-Corruption and agreed to a “soft” launch of the guidance on International Anti-Corruption Day (9 December 2009).

Reports and Publications

Business and Human Rights Tools and Resources Webinar Series [ppt]
Launched on Human Rights Day 2009, this series of web-facilitated teleconferences helps companies navigate various business and human rights tools and guidance materials.

Embedding Human Rights in Business Practice III [pdf]
The third volume in the series explores eight companies and how they deal with various human rights issues, emphasizing the need for cohesive and sometimes over-arching corporate policies on human rights engagement.

Human Rights and Business Dilemmas Forum
This online resource provides a multi-stakeholder platform to discuss real dilemmas confronting companies and identify related best practices.

A Guide for Integrating Human Rights into Business Management, 2nd Edition
The second edition of this Guide offers practical guidance to companies wanting to take a proactive approach to human rights within their business operations and generally develop their understanding of human rights in business practice.

The Arc of Human Rights Priorities: A New Model for Managing Business Risk [pdf]
The Arc builds upon the Sphere of Influence concept, and is designed to allow companies to focus their resources on the most urgent human rights issues in their operations.

Connecting the Dots: How Climate Change Transforms Market Risks and Opportunities [pdf]
This report argues that both the success and failure of climate policy will transform the landscape of risk and opportunity for investment, and urges the more imaginative development of partnerships between governments, international agencies, businesses and civil society organizations.

Champions of the Low-Carbon Economy [pdf]
Forty chairmen and CEOs were interviewed, and indicate that climate inaction is too costly to their businesses and the world.

Transformation is Possible [pdf]
The Caring for Climate (C4C) Series is a collection of new research studies and reports by leading investment, academic and civil society organizations.

Reporting Guidance on the 10th Principle Against Corruption [pdf]
This practical guide equips businesses with a practical means to report on anti-corruption policies and actions comprehensively and effectively.

Anti-Corruption Tools Inventory
The tools included in the inventory are meant to offer companies guidance and assistant in their fight against bribery and corruption.

RESIST – Resist Extortion and Solicitation in International Transactions [pdf]
RESIST is a scenario-based tool for employee training on resisting extortion and solicitation in international transactions.

Doing Business in a Multi-Cultural World: Challenges and Opportunities [pdf]
This publication helps companies address cross-cultural issues and explore how they can facilitate intercultural understanding in ways that benefit both business and society.

Sustaining Business and Peace: a Resource Pack for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
This new resource has been developed to assist SMEs in understanding how corporate responsibility strategies and activities can contribute to peace and development.

Enabling Economies of Peace: Public Policy for Conflict-Sensitive Business [pdf]
This publication – now in its second edition – identifies a range of concrete actions that Governments and international organizations can undertake to better assist private-sector efforts to promote effective conflict-sensitive business practices.