Why Contribute?

Help us reach our annual fundraising goal for 2014! Your contribution makes our work possible. Join hundreds of companies, large and small, and make your 2014 annual contribution.

Why Contribute? (PDF)

The UN Global Compact Office is advancing a diverse issue portfolio, and managing a wide array of projects intended to promote awareness of the initiative, deepen engagement by companies, and help participants implement the ten principles and partnerships. With a contribution a company enables:

  1. Management of over 10,000 participant relationships in 140 countries
  2. Development of strategic resources to help with implementation of the principles – numerous of tools and publication were released in recent years
  3. Global Compact learning activities
  4. Strengthening capacity of more than 100 Local Networks
  5. Supporting leadership platforms such as Caring for Climate, the CEO Water Mandate, the Women’s Empowerment Principles, Children’s Rights and Business Principles and the Principles for Responsible Management Education
  6. Guidance on Communications on Progress

Public-private collaboration is at the heart of the Global Compact initiative, and it is appropriate that the cost of supporting the Global Compact is shared by the public and private sectors. All companies participating in the Global Compact are asked to make an annual contribution to the Foundation to supplement funds received by donor Governments.

Contributors will be recognized in several ways for their generosity:

  • Listed on the Foundation website by category amount (e.g. < USD 500 — USD 15,000+)
  • Recognized in the Global Compact Annual Review
  • Recognized in other venues as appropriate

Today, issues of ethics, comprehensive risk management and long-term sustainability are at the forefront. As business is adjusting to new economic and global realities, investing in corporate sustainability generally and in the Global Compact specifically remains important. Disruptions in the market underscore the need for universal principles and tenets of corporate sustainability. The Global Compact offers a unique policy platform to define and manage risks, to identify opportunities that build trust in market activities and to ensure sustainable growth. The Foundation's support is central to fostering and promoting the Global Compact’s approach to responsible business.